Wednesday, October 24, 2012

divergent movie casting woes.

the article that made me want to throw up.

so my sister works at an elementary school and gets to fangirl with all the little girls over young adult books. and today, one of the little girls told her that apparently alexander ludwig (he played cato in the hunger games) WANTS to be cast as Four in the divergent movie that's going to be coming out.... i think natalie said that she told the little girl that she would rather die then have that happen? hahahahaha. but seriously. so we searched online to see if there was any truth to the little girls story. and unfortunately, i found this article on IMDB that basically says the little girl was telling the truth. i mean, he might not get it (hopefully he wont get it). but uhm HE BETTER NOT GET IT. four is my absolute favorite book boyfriend. so to think that they might cast Four as alexander... makes me want to throw up. ughhhhhh.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

it was my birthday!

so it was my birthday almost two weeks ago now, and i am officially 23. like my grandma reminded me, "you're inching closer to 30!". haha! she knows that i think i'm getting old or that i feel old now, so she likes to make fun of me. it's funny! but for my birthday i went to a women's breakfast at my new church (regenerate church) which was awesome! exactly how i needed to start my day. after that, i went to tranquil tea lounge with coni and natalie. i cannot get enough of their pumpkin iced tea and pumpkin scone! so good! after tea we went back to my house to get ready for my birthday dinner at javiers at the irvine spectrum. i was not expecting it to be that expensive. but thankfully, everyone still ate and had fun. it was a great night spent with girlfirends! thank you everyone who spent it with me if you ever read this! i love you guys!


the important things i did today yesterday:

  • i started my day off with my Bible and daily devotional.
  • i applied for graduation. WHATT? so weird.
  • i went to a bodypump class with jessica, hung out with her all day, and had crepes for lunch. 
  • becca tried to poison me with a messed up herbalife shake. on purpose.
  • i dyed my hair.
  • i watched episodes of parks and rec and fell even more in love with andy
  • i managed to finish all most of my homework for tomorrow!
yay for good days!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

music wednesday?

happy music monday wednesday?

Saturday, October 13, 2012


"This is how idolatry grows in our hearts. We want things and we aren’t sure God will give them to us, so we put our trust in other gods. This is the problem of the human heart —misplaced trust. We value, love, and trust something in creation more than the Creator, and since there is nothing in creation that is intended to bear the weight of our trust, we are bound to live in fear. All other loves must be subordinate to your love for Christ."
-Edward T. Welch

This quote was on the wonderfully made blog this morning, and it really struck a chord with me. I struggle with this a lot. Not knowing what God will do in a situation i'll try to put things in my own hands. Which, as you probably guessed, doesn't turn out the best. It comes out messy and complicated. And not necessarily how God wanted it to be. This quote is absolutely true about living in fear. When we put our trust in ourselves or in anything other than God we will live in fear of the "what ifs" or the "will it happen?". It's just so hard to fight against my flesh and my will. But He's good to me, and is always there at the end of the day or when I finally allow Him to have control. And even when I continue to struggle with this balancing act for months or years on end, He is still so patient and so kind. Never making me feel stupid or like a failure. He knows the desires of my heart and He can work out all things. But I just have to remember to let Him be God and for me to be me. His imperfect daughter who tries to put her trust and her wants in other people and things.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Am I there yet?

I cannot wait until I'm done with school. I know I should enjoy the time I have left, having not a lot of responsibilities and what not. But I seriously cannot wait to not have to take accounting exams and to be able to potentially move out and be on my own. I know I have the CPA exam first before anything else haha so I'll want to die from that, but I know it's worth it. Just like going through school for six years and sticking with it is worth it. But for now, I'm looking forward to being done with school and moving on to the next phase in my life. One thing I've learned over the past few years is that you never know what's going to come your way or what God has in store for you. So with that said, i'm excited, I'm nervous, but I'm looking forward to what's going to happen over the next few months. I'm hoping it will at least consist of: lots of tea lattes. Lots of iced tea. Anything tea related. parks and rec and dr who marathons. Sushi. And more time with God in my mornings and my everyday. You know, the essentials.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


it was finally cold enough today for me to wear these socks! so of course i had to document it. first warm sock wearing day of the season! that's reason to celebrate!

Reading: I'm still reading Piercing the Darkness. Both my sister and my friend Cathee have been begging me to read Unwholly. Cathee even lent me her book. Which is awesome because i love having the actual book, instead of reading on my kindle. But alas, i still have not started it. As soon as I finish Piercing the Darkness i will be jumping right into Unwholly. Natalie says that i have one night to read it once i start. hah!

Listening to: well, since i just bought tickets to go see mumford & sons with natalie, i'm assuming we will be listening to them a lot until then!

Thinking about: that if you eat like crap, you feel like crap. quite the revelation, huh?

Working on: keeping up with my studies in school. this means i've been trying to do all the assigned reading and not procrastinating. now, if only i can keep this up!

Watching: natalie and i have started to watch every single season of Doctor Who (starting from 2005)! and we've been watching parks and rec nonstop too! we've decided that becca is jerry. it makes sense.

Wishing: that my sister and i could go to north carolina over christmas break this year. we would absolutely love that! but i think it might be too expensive to go.

Seeing: lot's of clouds today! hopefully, this means rain tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

*all of my currently posts are inspired from danielle. Please go check out her blog! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

music monday: mumford & sons II

since we're going to the mumford & sons concert soon, i'm just going to keep posting mumford & sons songs. happy monday!

happy birthday, mom!

last tuesday was my mom's birthday. we celebrated her birthday and mine by going to bj's in brea. it was really fun meeting up with my family after school. although, i probably should have been doing homework. but oh well! it's my mom's birthday so whatever! haha. here are some photos from the night:

happy late birthday mom! you are so special to me. you are amazing and funny. you're silly and gorgeous. and i love you with all of my heart. thanks for making natalie and i laugh all the time. i love you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TTI: Cranks

TTI: this is the story of the time natalie and i went to target and got attacked by cranks. so, if you've read the maze runner series, you will know what i'm talking about. i had to go buy another calculator tonight (this is my third one people!) at target. as nat and i were pulling into the parking lot, ALL OF THE LIGHTS WERE OUT. so natalie started freaking out. naturally, i tried to turn off all my car lights to scare her, but they wouldn't turn off so fail. anyways, we pulled into a parking spot and parked. as we were about to get out, natalie started screaming that we couldn't go into target. and then i yelled, "THERE'S CRANKS OUT THERE! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!". so we ran and screamed all the way into target. no joke, a guy with a limp was in front of target walking right towards us and it scared me even more! haha! thankfully, once we were inside all of the lights were on. so we managed to pick up my calculator and take a photo with jeremy renner. well, technically it was just a poster of him as hawkeye. but still. we hung out. so after we saw jeremy and bought the calculator, we ran back to the car. and natalie was still scared of the cranks, so as i turned on my car i screamed at the top of my lungs to freak natalie out. HAHAH i am the meanest sister ever. she was so scared! but she hit me instantly, so i guess we're even. and this was the story of the time i got attacked by cranks. but not really ;)

me and jeremy.

Monday, October 1, 2012

music monday: mumford & sons

so, i'll spare you the embarrassment of posting justin bieber's new song (as long as you love me) which i can't seem to stop playing, and instead i'll share with you mumford & sons. which is very fitting since natalie and i just bought tickets to go see them in november. eeeee!

hope you're having a good monday! mine has consisted of lot's of accounting homework so far! ;)