Saturday, February 18, 2012

restroom club

Why is it that I only ever go to blog when I'm in a sad/ weird mood? Oh well. Anyways... So last week at work, I went to go clean the men's restroom while we were still open. and I thought no one was in there and just went in. Then a guy came out of the stall. And I was just standing there with my mouth open (I didn't see anything though!). Then I started giggling. And he was like, "I was wondering why someone was knocking on the big door." Then I just kept laughing and said sorry then left. And, to top it off, he is a regular! So I will see him again. Haha embarrassing! Side note: I've walked into the men's restroom at school so many times! I just am never paying attention I guess! But then the smell hits me and I know I'm in the wrong place. Haha

Sunday, February 12, 2012

it's sunday

was obsessed with this (and now the whole world is too...)

now have been listening to this

currently reading this (2nd time now. it's so so good!)

dreaming about this (i didn't tell you that i was going to romania this summer for 7 weeks? God is good :) i'll post about it later)

i'm really not in the best mood right now. but i wanted to write a little something on here since it has been so long. currently pondering and thinking about this verse. it's a tough one! especially as i'm getting a bit older.

and praying over getting this (a tattoo in general, not any of those specific ones)

and i smell like this

night world!