Monday, April 23, 2012

www: women's retreat edition

 here's what we wore during the first two days of the women's retreat. not our cutest, but still... we like it!
natalie hated me while taking these haha

i love this collar!

and my shoes in the last photo are boys shoes from target. so it's nice having tiny feet, cuz the possibilities for shoes are endless i guess? yeah.

Monday, April 16, 2012

music monday: hillsong united

this isn't a normal post or anything but it is monday and i want to post a music video! i didn't realize that my friends ryan and michael listen to this song a lot whenever we hang out, but a girl sang it this weekend when i was at ccbc and now i'm obsessed. it's so good!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

we love pp

so, did i mention that natalie and i love phillip phillips? oh i didn't? well, now you know!
you're in love with him too now, huh?
dude, he's so amazing. and, we just love him. we knew our love for him was meant to be as soon as we heard that his name was phillip phillips. natalie and i love when people have first names as their last names. some examples include: matthew christopher, luke bryan, bob dylan, cara lucas, or bob branden daniel. we wish our last name was really paul instead of paulk. cuz then we'd have a first name as our last name. bahaha. our first name as last name obsession started way back when jon peter lewis was on american idol.
he was so cute!!!
yeah, jpl was super cute. the one week i didn't vote for him, he went home. i'm not even joking! it was personally my fault that he went home. i'm sorry jon peter lewis!

in other news, i'm pretty sure i gave myself a bladder infection today. because i drank 1.5 liters of water and then held my pee for over an hour. and then i couldn't even walk to the toilet cuz it hurt so bad. yeah, i'm an idiot! hello!

and natalie is embarrassed that i post this stuff. and i'll probably get embarrassed about it later. but oh well!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

www: easter edition

www: what we wore! dang i'm on a roll. two posts in one day! shoot! anyways, this is what nat and i wore for easter. natalie is the cutest sister ever. and i adore all of these photos of her. i'm sure you will too!
oh natalie!

yep, she's adorable. and i'm glad i stole borrowed this dress from her! and yes, you should be jealous of my burn mark and my band-aid. i know you want a matching one, too. don't worry, all you have to do is work at chipotle and you'll get lots of them!

happy easter!

on the way to grandma and grandpas!

happy late easter! nat and i had a lot of fun hanging out with our family at our grandparent's house. and we definitely looked really cute that day (i stole natalie's dress again :) muahaha ). i hadn't been to sunday morning service in forever, but i finally got to go that morning! it was awesome being with my family and praising God for His Son. dude, it's so sweet that my family is saved. and that they all love jesus. it makes me happy. i really am super blessed to have such a close family. and i'm even more blessed that they all love the Lord. thank you God! :) 
nat, casey, and sandy. cute babies!

my sister and grandpa

mom, me, nat, and grandma

our cousin brianna is going to be a model one day, i decided.

proof: sandy really is an alien. WHO SITS ON A TABLE LIKE THIS?!?

bahaha natalie!

pastor bob said this and i really liked it: "the fact that Jesus is risen means Jesus is ruling!" woohoo!

ps. the only thing that would have made easter even better is if peeta hutcherson had made a guest appearance.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

natalie and i want blog friends

why can't natalie and i be friends with blog people in real life? maybe one day! maybe if i actually blogged and posted pictures (i probably need a camera for that, huh?) and was actually funny or entertaining on here, we would all become friends! so please go read this blog right nowbusy bee lauren. you'll probably cry and pee your pants, all at the same time. i know natalie and i do whenever we're on there. natalie frequently refers to her as our sister, or says things like, "why aren't we best friends with lauren?"

and it's a good question... why aren't we best friends with her?!?

maybe one day! bahaha

warning: if you did not like hunger games (book or movie) then do not ever go on her blog. i forbid you... seriously