Wednesday, April 11, 2012

we love pp

so, did i mention that natalie and i love phillip phillips? oh i didn't? well, now you know!
you're in love with him too now, huh?
dude, he's so amazing. and, we just love him. we knew our love for him was meant to be as soon as we heard that his name was phillip phillips. natalie and i love when people have first names as their last names. some examples include: matthew christopher, luke bryan, bob dylan, cara lucas, or bob branden daniel. we wish our last name was really paul instead of paulk. cuz then we'd have a first name as our last name. bahaha. our first name as last name obsession started way back when jon peter lewis was on american idol.
he was so cute!!!
yeah, jpl was super cute. the one week i didn't vote for him, he went home. i'm not even joking! it was personally my fault that he went home. i'm sorry jon peter lewis!

in other news, i'm pretty sure i gave myself a bladder infection today. because i drank 1.5 liters of water and then held my pee for over an hour. and then i couldn't even walk to the toilet cuz it hurt so bad. yeah, i'm an idiot! hello!

and natalie is embarrassed that i post this stuff. and i'll probably get embarrassed about it later. but oh well!

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