Monday, May 16, 2011

How can I glorify the Lord today?

"How can I glorify Christ today?"

That's the question I've been asking myself lately. How can I glorify the Lord today, even when I have no strength left in me? Even though I'm sad and a little fearful? Even though I feel so burdened? These past two weeks have been extremely difficult for me personally. The Lord has had His hand in all of my circumstances though. I have to trust in Him that this is what He wants for me; and I have to know and believe that His will and plans for me are far better than my own. The Lord has been faithful to be there for me through it all. And I have been blessed by great friends and mentors who have poured out Christ's love to me so much over these past two weeks. Thank you Lord for these special people! One of my best friends Jessica had some great words of encouragement for me today via text:

"As we walk through the trials of this life its always nice to dream about our futures and what we wish for them to hold.. but we must wait on God for those happy future things and instead not waste the time our Lord has given to us today. Today He asks us to spread His word and His love to ALL people. Today He asks us to spend time with him and honor Him in all of our ways!"

Thank you Jessica for the encouragement! I love you!

So today, I choose to glorify the Lord through these hard trials and circumstances. I choose to live for Him and Him alone today! I choose to fight all negative thoughts and emotions that come my way today and will instead lay them at the foot of the cross.

Father God, I surrender all my thoughts and hopes to you today.
You are my strength and my shelter when I am so weak.
Help me to rely on you for all that I need.
Help me to breathe through today, and keep going.
I want to look only to you. Not to the right or the left.
Only up to you.

How can you glorify the Lord today?