Sunday, April 28, 2013

today's been a good day

i'm glad i got to see my friend charee today. it's been months since we've seen each other. and she came with me to church this morning which was wonderful. and i had the best naked juice at coffee bean. and i got to surprise my boyfriend with his favorite jamba juice while he was at work. it's been such a nice sunday. and in a little bit i'm going to workout with friends at a park and go to dinner later! so my sunday is going to get even better. i love sundays :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

quiet days

i had never been on this road at my school before. weird, huh? since i've gone there for six years. i still go to school most days just to study for my CPA exam in the library. it's quieter than my house and i don't have to share the computer with my mom whenever she has to work. and i get to spend time with my sister and my boyfriend when they both aren't in their classes. i'm trying my hardest to really enjoy this free time that i have right now. because i know that in just a few short months i'll be working full time. i'm thankful for my days now where i can decide whatever i want to do for the day (which mostly consists of studying, but still). and i'm trying to remember to enjoy this moment and these days while i still have them. because life moves by so fast. i mean, aren't i still 17? oh wait, i'm 23... that's so weird.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

i love when they have photobooths at weddings

isn't it the best when there is a photobooth at a wedding? i don't even care that natalie and i were not ready in that first photo. because i still love it so much.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


this photo is definitely not current but whatever. i still eat waffles everyday almost.

reading: i'm about to finish clockwork princess (i have like 16 pages left) and i don't want to finish it. i don't want the book to end! i'm not ready to say goodbye to all of the characters. i don't know anything about the mortal instruments series so i don't know if this is really the end for everyone in the clockwork series, but i guess i'll find out soon enough. thank God this book was actually fantastic, unlike the ending to matched and delirium.

watching: i've been watching avatar the last airbender series. the one that used to be on nickelodeon. i can't really explain how this kids cartoon show is so good, but really it's wonderful. and i cry while watching it. and the lessons they teach and the character development is so amazing. it also makes me wish i had a flying bison.

eating: well, i've been drinking a lot of coffee lately since my mom bought this amazing kind. and i've been eating a lot of salads and these super delicious (and healthy!) waffles. but besides the healthy stuff, i like to slip in a cinnabon cinnamon roll every once in a while. you have to.

stressing: i'm stressing big time over studying for my CPA exam. what else is new. i just want to pass and have this weight lifted off my shoulders. all i want is a 75 on each part of the exam, is that so hard to ask?

dreaming: i'm dreaming big time of all the things that i want to do with my first apartment. i've been picking out/buying bed sheets, a queen sized mattress, cups, bowls, rugs, anything and everything! it's so exciting to me! i can't wait to start this new adventure, but it also makes me sad that i'll be leaving my family. it's weird growing up.

praying: my heart hurts right now. it hurts for those affected by the bombs and events in boston yesterday. and it also hurts for friends and even people i don't know who don't know the Lord. it just hurts. so i'm praying that God will reveal Himself to everyone. that they would seek and find the true, real, and living God. because we never  know when it's going to be our last day here on earth.

*all of my currently posts are inspired by danielle. she's awesome and you need to be reading her blog.

Friday, April 12, 2013

we were supposed to go camping

so this past weekend was supposed to be spent at the san clemente campground (which i grew up camping at and was so looking forward to going back!). but unfortunately, that didn't happen. someone accidentally booked a handicap-only site, and well, none of us are handicapped so we weren't allowed to stay there. at least we realized this a few days before we were supposed to go to the site (thanks mom for asking what site we were on! otherwise, i probably would have killed someone haha). all of us girls still hung out that saturday and we actually went and had tea instead. from camping to a tea party. what opposites!
the place we went to is called seventh tea bar and is located in costa mesa (right next to portola coffee lab!). i had seen seventh tea bar a few weeks ago and had wanted to go so i was happy the girls wanted to go there. the place is rad! and the workers are super friendly and extremely helpful. i mean, we were pretty annoying because there were 6 of us girls all asking questions about tea and holding up the line. how embarrassing! but the staff didn't mind and answered all of our questions and we're really funny! i'll definitely be going back soon. oh, did i mention the tea and the food was really good at the tea bar? you have to go if you're in the area. after we had tea, we walked around soco. oh my goodness, i was in home-goods heaven! it was kind of like walking around ikea, but the really nice version of it. and the much richer version. hah! and i actually bought a few things for when i move out in a few months. score! 
me and jess. future roommate picture!!
we tried to end the night by going to a waffles + beer restaraunt but they didn't really have gluten free waffles. come on people, just because the batter is gluten free does not mean that you can cook it on all of the same stove tops and same waffle presses. it's not gluten free anymore! we did ask two of the servers before sitting down if they were cooked on different iron presses, and they both told us yes. after they took our order, the manager came over and told us that it was cooked on the same press. i don't like to be a pain, but we had already asked three times and no one gave us the correct answer. and we didn't want our friend to have to sit there hungry while we all enjoyed our waffles. so we left and got cheesecake factory instead. happy compromise. i plan on going back to the waffle place, but i really wish more people understood that some people are gluten free because they actually can't have gluten. not because they're trying to be healthier or get skinny. it's frustrating.
besides the waffle dilemma, we had a wonderful saturday. i loved hanging out with all of my girlfriends and am happy we still managed to have a good time despite us not going camping. maybe next year we'll get to go. hopefully!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

gotta keep going

i'm having a really hard time studying for the CPA exam. i think i cry almost every time i study for it. it's just really hard for me and very time consuming. there are so many other things that i would rather be doing and sometimes i feel so defeated when i keep getting practice questions wrong over and over again. it's hard to keep going. accounting has never come easily to me. i love the numbers part of it and i'm pretty good at memorizing, but sometimes my brain has a hard time wrapping around what the numbers actually mean. for a lot my friends in accounting, it comes really naturally for them. and i can't help but compare myself to them. there's also so much pressure to pass all four parts of the exam and get my CPA as soon as possible. a lot of times it just feels like too much. i know i'm the one who chose to go into this profession. i know that i do like it (sometimes). but i also chose accounting because i had already spent so many years in school that i just needed to choose a major and stick with it. i'm so jealous of anyone out there that knows exactly what they want to do and what they are good at. anyways, i keep trying to remind myself that this is exactly where God wants me to be and that maybe He wants me at MHM to talk to someone about Him or to just show someone at my work who Christ is. which, i am a horrible example of who God is but still, i'm hoping He can use me. and honestly, that's one of the very few things that's really getting me through studying. i'm trying to do it all for His glory. and i'm trying to remember that this will all be worth it. it's not about the money or the title or the status. it's about honoring God and letting Him have His way with me.

Monday, April 8, 2013

hiked peter's canyon

i love hiking and being outdoors. going on a hike last week with natalie and jess was perfect. i think we need to make it our regular routine. especially when this trail is so close by and parking is free. plus, it's way better than studying.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

pizza port

i went to pizza port down in san clemente last week with austin. if you love piza, go. if you love beer, go. if you love pizza and beer, you especially have to go! it was fantastic. we went to a used bookstore afterwards (austin was the one who spotted it and asked if i wanted to go in. uhm yes of course i wanted to! so nice of him). after wandering the store, we went down to the beach and laid on the sand for a while. it was so nice out. then we got red bulls and slurpees. perfect ending to our day-trip! i love me some slurpees. mmmmm.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

half moon run - call me in the afternoon

because i just can't stop listening to this song.