Saturday, April 27, 2013

quiet days

i had never been on this road at my school before. weird, huh? since i've gone there for six years. i still go to school most days just to study for my CPA exam in the library. it's quieter than my house and i don't have to share the computer with my mom whenever she has to work. and i get to spend time with my sister and my boyfriend when they both aren't in their classes. i'm trying my hardest to really enjoy this free time that i have right now. because i know that in just a few short months i'll be working full time. i'm thankful for my days now where i can decide whatever i want to do for the day (which mostly consists of studying, but still). and i'm trying to remember to enjoy this moment and these days while i still have them. because life moves by so fast. i mean, aren't i still 17? oh wait, i'm 23... that's so weird.

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