Saturday, June 2, 2012

happy birthday, ryan!

today is one of my closest friend's birthday. happy 30th birthday ryan! you are allowed to say "oh hey girl" as much as you want today. but only because it's your birthday.

life lately.

hi! it's been a while since i've posted anything. i mean, no one really reads this but still!
so, in official nerd news, i am now the community service director for cpsa at my school. yes, it really is as cool as it sounds :). 
vice president and community service director!!!
school wraps up on thursday! i am so happy to have the summer off from accounting. my brain needs a break. hopefully, once school starts back up in the fall i can wrap everything up and be done in march! that's insane. eeeeee!
i went on a hike with jessica the other day! besides me almost breaking my ankle (which happens a lot actually! i have such bad ankles!), it was a really great hike! afterwards, we decided to dye my hair. so now it's a redish color. and i love it! thanks jessica for dying it for me!!

i leave for romania on the 19th! that's so soon (uhm 17 days....17!!)! and i'm going to cry. hard. i can just picture it. good thing i already told ryan that this is going to happen.
that's about all that's been going on lately! i mean, nothing too exciting! besides watching michael play witcher everday. which is exciting to me, but probably not to you. kbye!