Tuesday, April 16, 2013


this photo is definitely not current but whatever. i still eat waffles everyday almost.

reading: i'm about to finish clockwork princess (i have like 16 pages left) and i don't want to finish it. i don't want the book to end! i'm not ready to say goodbye to all of the characters. i don't know anything about the mortal instruments series so i don't know if this is really the end for everyone in the clockwork series, but i guess i'll find out soon enough. thank God this book was actually fantastic, unlike the ending to matched and delirium.

watching: i've been watching avatar the last airbender series. the one that used to be on nickelodeon. i can't really explain how this kids cartoon show is so good, but really it's wonderful. and i cry while watching it. and the lessons they teach and the character development is so amazing. it also makes me wish i had a flying bison.

eating: well, i've been drinking a lot of coffee lately since my mom bought this amazing kind. and i've been eating a lot of salads and these super delicious (and healthy!) waffles. but besides the healthy stuff, i like to slip in a cinnabon cinnamon roll every once in a while. you have to.

stressing: i'm stressing big time over studying for my CPA exam. what else is new. i just want to pass and have this weight lifted off my shoulders. all i want is a 75 on each part of the exam, is that so hard to ask?

dreaming: i'm dreaming big time of all the things that i want to do with my first apartment. i've been picking out/buying bed sheets, a queen sized mattress, cups, bowls, rugs, anything and everything! it's so exciting to me! i can't wait to start this new adventure, but it also makes me sad that i'll be leaving my family. it's weird growing up.

praying: my heart hurts right now. it hurts for those affected by the bombs and events in boston yesterday. and it also hurts for friends and even people i don't know who don't know the Lord. it just hurts. so i'm praying that God will reveal Himself to everyone. that they would seek and find the true, real, and living God. because we never  know when it's going to be our last day here on earth.

*all of my currently posts are inspired by danielle. she's awesome and you need to be reading her blog.

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  1. I loveeee this picture! i love that you have a prayer spot in this post! its awesome to find others who share common beliefs!

    glad i stumbled across your blog!




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