Friday, April 12, 2013

we were supposed to go camping

so this past weekend was supposed to be spent at the san clemente campground (which i grew up camping at and was so looking forward to going back!). but unfortunately, that didn't happen. someone accidentally booked a handicap-only site, and well, none of us are handicapped so we weren't allowed to stay there. at least we realized this a few days before we were supposed to go to the site (thanks mom for asking what site we were on! otherwise, i probably would have killed someone haha). all of us girls still hung out that saturday and we actually went and had tea instead. from camping to a tea party. what opposites!
the place we went to is called seventh tea bar and is located in costa mesa (right next to portola coffee lab!). i had seen seventh tea bar a few weeks ago and had wanted to go so i was happy the girls wanted to go there. the place is rad! and the workers are super friendly and extremely helpful. i mean, we were pretty annoying because there were 6 of us girls all asking questions about tea and holding up the line. how embarrassing! but the staff didn't mind and answered all of our questions and we're really funny! i'll definitely be going back soon. oh, did i mention the tea and the food was really good at the tea bar? you have to go if you're in the area. after we had tea, we walked around soco. oh my goodness, i was in home-goods heaven! it was kind of like walking around ikea, but the really nice version of it. and the much richer version. hah! and i actually bought a few things for when i move out in a few months. score! 
me and jess. future roommate picture!!
we tried to end the night by going to a waffles + beer restaraunt but they didn't really have gluten free waffles. come on people, just because the batter is gluten free does not mean that you can cook it on all of the same stove tops and same waffle presses. it's not gluten free anymore! we did ask two of the servers before sitting down if they were cooked on different iron presses, and they both told us yes. after they took our order, the manager came over and told us that it was cooked on the same press. i don't like to be a pain, but we had already asked three times and no one gave us the correct answer. and we didn't want our friend to have to sit there hungry while we all enjoyed our waffles. so we left and got cheesecake factory instead. happy compromise. i plan on going back to the waffle place, but i really wish more people understood that some people are gluten free because they actually can't have gluten. not because they're trying to be healthier or get skinny. it's frustrating.
besides the waffle dilemma, we had a wonderful saturday. i loved hanging out with all of my girlfriends and am happy we still managed to have a good time despite us not going camping. maybe next year we'll get to go. hopefully!

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