Wednesday, October 24, 2012

divergent movie casting woes.

the article that made me want to throw up.

so my sister works at an elementary school and gets to fangirl with all the little girls over young adult books. and today, one of the little girls told her that apparently alexander ludwig (he played cato in the hunger games) WANTS to be cast as Four in the divergent movie that's going to be coming out.... i think natalie said that she told the little girl that she would rather die then have that happen? hahahahaha. but seriously. so we searched online to see if there was any truth to the little girls story. and unfortunately, i found this article on IMDB that basically says the little girl was telling the truth. i mean, he might not get it (hopefully he wont get it). but uhm HE BETTER NOT GET IT. four is my absolute favorite book boyfriend. so to think that they might cast Four as alexander... makes me want to throw up. ughhhhhh.

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