Wednesday, October 10, 2012


it was finally cold enough today for me to wear these socks! so of course i had to document it. first warm sock wearing day of the season! that's reason to celebrate!

Reading: I'm still reading Piercing the Darkness. Both my sister and my friend Cathee have been begging me to read Unwholly. Cathee even lent me her book. Which is awesome because i love having the actual book, instead of reading on my kindle. But alas, i still have not started it. As soon as I finish Piercing the Darkness i will be jumping right into Unwholly. Natalie says that i have one night to read it once i start. hah!

Listening to: well, since i just bought tickets to go see mumford & sons with natalie, i'm assuming we will be listening to them a lot until then!

Thinking about: that if you eat like crap, you feel like crap. quite the revelation, huh?

Working on: keeping up with my studies in school. this means i've been trying to do all the assigned reading and not procrastinating. now, if only i can keep this up!

Watching: natalie and i have started to watch every single season of Doctor Who (starting from 2005)! and we've been watching parks and rec nonstop too! we've decided that becca is jerry. it makes sense.

Wishing: that my sister and i could go to north carolina over christmas break this year. we would absolutely love that! but i think it might be too expensive to go.

Seeing: lot's of clouds today! hopefully, this means rain tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

*all of my currently posts are inspired from danielle. Please go check out her blog! :)


  1. I wish it was cool enough here to wear socks!!

    1. my mom had to call my sister and i to tell us that you commented on my blog. so you're kind of a big deal around here. haha!

  2. dude dumb... I am not jerry!!...
    ps. that ain't my personal blog dummy. this is.
    pps. I hate you. (in a loving sort of a way)

    1. i can never find your personal one! so i just went with the other hah oops!


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