Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TTI: Cranks

TTI: this is the story of the time natalie and i went to target and got attacked by cranks. so, if you've read the maze runner series, you will know what i'm talking about. i had to go buy another calculator tonight (this is my third one people!) at target. as nat and i were pulling into the parking lot, ALL OF THE LIGHTS WERE OUT. so natalie started freaking out. naturally, i tried to turn off all my car lights to scare her, but they wouldn't turn off so fail. anyways, we pulled into a parking spot and parked. as we were about to get out, natalie started screaming that we couldn't go into target. and then i yelled, "THERE'S CRANKS OUT THERE! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!". so we ran and screamed all the way into target. no joke, a guy with a limp was in front of target walking right towards us and it scared me even more! haha! thankfully, once we were inside all of the lights were on. so we managed to pick up my calculator and take a photo with jeremy renner. well, technically it was just a poster of him as hawkeye. but still. we hung out. so after we saw jeremy and bought the calculator, we ran back to the car. and natalie was still scared of the cranks, so as i turned on my car i screamed at the top of my lungs to freak natalie out. HAHAH i am the meanest sister ever. she was so scared! but she hit me instantly, so i guess we're even. and this was the story of the time i got attacked by cranks. but not really ;)

me and jeremy.


  1. A little birdie told me it was your birthday today! Happy Birthday Chanel. I hope it's a special day for you.


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