Thursday, September 13, 2012

running into an old friend

so i've been going on runs lately. and when i say lately, i mean since last tuesday hah! anyways, tonight i went on a run and this truck parks some distance ahead of me. and as i slowly (oh and when i say run i mean more of a jog since i don't go fast at all!) am going past the truck, i notice that the guy getting out is a guy i went to jr. high school with! seriously, when does this happen? so there i am all sweaty and gross and am saying hi to someone i rarely ever see. at least i was working out so it's excusable that i looked disgusting? yeah, we'll excuse my grossness. so yes, i literally ran jogged into an old friend. and now i feel like a grandma because it's 7:30 and i am ready for bed! and i slept in this morning! what is wrong with me? but instead of sleep i will patiently wait for lauren to start live tweeting her re-reading the hunger games. YES! too bad natalie isn't here to read along with me. we always have the best time when we read books out loud together. like when i read the maze runner series out loud. uhm so much scarier that way!

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