Monday, September 10, 2012

the days after romania

the first few days after i got home from romania looked a lot like this:

natalie and i saw the bourne legacy.

we were very happy to see jeremy. and after that we watched the amazing spiderman and the dark knight. all in one day. but i kind of fell asleep in the dark knight. but it's okay because i had seen it before (and again since then!)

natalie, jessica, and i went to the beach. jessica survived a day on her crazy diet of only eating fruit. and my dad joined us in between two of his jobs to go swimming with us!

i met up with my longtime pal, mary, and we had a good long conversation over panera bread and yogurtland.

and i had to go represent CPSA at the freshmen orientation career fair. good thing my friend amy was there with me!

and now i have a little over a week of summer left before it's time to go back to school. did i mention it's my last year in college? yeah i did. ahhhh crazy!

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