Thursday, September 13, 2012

orange circle

a few weeks ago, a few friends and i went down to the orange circle for a little shopping and lunch. we found a spotted moth there (which i guess has been there for quite some time! i just don't pay attention?) which was fun because i recognized it since they sponsor a lot of bloggers! natalie ended up getting a really cute shirt (which means i get to borrow her really cute shirt) and a sweet vintage suitcase. she loved it!

we had lunch at kimmies, which is always really good and then walked over to the fountain. it's so nice walking around old town orange. i'm looking forward to our next visit back! which hopefully is soon since we only live like 15 minutes away.

and since we were in the area, we had to stop at bookman. we love it there! so many books in one place? oh we could spend all day there! i think if natalie and i could really do anything (as in career-wise) we would do something with books. we'd either be book editors, or publishers, or authors, or own a bookstore. something like that! we love love love books. which reminds me that i really need to start unwholly! just as soon as i finish this present darkness :) which might be a while since it's so long... but i'm a fast reader so we'll see how long it really takes me!

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