Saturday, July 7, 2012

i'm sick in romania... danget

even though i haven't been feeling good for a few days now (why do i have a head cold? or how did i get sick? it's so hot and humid here!), yesterday was wonderful. we didn't do much and the day included a hot and sweaty nap, but it was perfect. we spent a long time in the morning talking to coleen and jeje. we talked about the trip, why we felt called to stay in romania for 7 weeks, and what we feel like God might be calling us to over the next year. at night we went out to the local grocery store and handed out fliers and talked to whoever would stop and listen. a man who was a jehovah's witness came to know the Lord. it was a sweet time of just stepping back and watching God work. later that night, just the six of us went out. it was our first time being alone in the city- without any translators or coleen and jeje. on our way to dinner, i saw a woman i had talked to two weeks prior. i had shared my testimony with her and had prayed with her. after kisses and hugs, we continued on to dinner. i am so happy that God let me see her again- even if she only speaks romanian. my uneasiness and stress about staying in romania feels like it has finally gone away. in its place is now a peace. God is definitely faithful and patient with me.
today, i'm feeling really sick. it's gotten worse since a few days ago. i've been lying down all day, just trying to rest. if you could pray that i get better quickly, i would really appreciate it. tomorrow will be a busy day i'm sure, as most sundays here are. so i want to be back to my normal self and able to hang out around all the others. i'm looking forward to seeing who, if anyone, comes out to church tomorrow! and it's ryan's first day of teaching. he'll do great.
i'll leave you with a few photos from the past few weeks. enjoy!

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