Saturday, July 7, 2012


the girls are gone for a few hours. i stayed home tonight, since i'm trying to get all better for church tomorrow. did i mention how nice it is to be alone for a little bit? it is so so so nice :) i'm one happy girl over here. even if i am sick and my nose wont stop running (that's gross huh? sorry!).

Reading: i just started reading the fault in our stars by john green today. abbi recommended it on her blog a few months ago and i've heard a few other people say how good it was. i'm dying for a new book to read. it feels like forever since i last read any good and new books. plus, since my debit card is being sent over to me from america (thanks mom!), i can only read what's already on my kindle or natalie's. i'm stupid for thinking i should just wait to buy books while in romania. blast you debit card hackers!

Watching: nothing. i haven't watched any tv or movies since the plane ride over here (it's so nice not watching any tv. i probably should apply this no tv rule at home also ;)). plus, even then i only watched one movie. they only had like five things to watch. it was ridiculous. and while on the plane i watched this means war. even though tom hardy and chris pine were in it it was still horrible. big disappointment.

Thinking about: the gospel message. back home, i was involved with a ministry at our church that went out and did dramas twice a month at the huntington beach pier. typically, i was always in the dramas. so i didn't have to often talk to people about jesus. since i've been here in romania, we've been going out almost everyday handing out fliers to people, inviting them to church, and talking to them about jesus. in romania, people know about jesus. they know who He is and what He's done for them. but no one seems to have a personal relationship with Him. and no one that i've talked to has any security in their salvation. it's nice to know that my salvation rests in christ alone. it's nothing that i can do to earn it. it's all about what He did for me. galatians 2:21: "i do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died in vain." i'm praying that more people will realize that Christ's death and resurrection sets them free!

Loving: having our own apartment in romania for a few weeks. it is so nice. like, too nice. but i must admit that i am not used to having roommates (besides my sister, but she doesn't count exactly). so i'm trying to be more patient with them. sorry girls!

Anticipating:  going to a lake on monday. my sister just said that we are going to look like this on monday:

i'm excited! and i hope we look like that, natalie ;)
[image found here]

Listening to: jeremy larson (as in elsie larson's husband, from a beautiful mess). go listen to his cd, they reappear, here! it's been on repeat all day. and it's been making me feel better all day.

Eating: well, there is a bottle of a nutella-like product in our cupboard in the kitchen. this is dangerous. you see, i discovered nutella about 6 months ago. and it was a downhill, rocky relationship since then. my mom had to stop buying it, but here in romania they have it everywhere. but i'm forcing myself to only a few spoonfuls a week. so far so good! nomnomnom.

Feeling thankful for: the opportunity to be in romania this summer. the conversations that i've had with a few people since being here (and the opportunity to witness a few of those people that my friends have talked to receive the Lord. awesome!). the faithfulness that God has shown towards me since arriving here. my mom and dad that miss me so much back home (i miss you guys a little bit too :)). and the waffles that coleen has been making for breakfast every week (so good! makes me so happy!). 

what have you been up to lately? have you read any good books? i'd love to know!


  1. hellooo, just talked to u on fb and just finished reading ur blog! watched this means war on my flight home, it was ok, cute actors especially the british one:). read bittersweet by shauna niquest(thats not the right spelling but something along that) lol, and when u get home and can buy more books. hope u feel better asap. excited to continue to hear all that is going on in Romania and how i could be praying! love u girlie!

    1. i love you coni! you're so sweet for reading my blog!


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