Monday, July 9, 2012

pool day.

today was spent laying by the pool and getting some sun. it sort of reminded me of the hungarian baths, but not really. those pools there are so big and weird. but i had such a good time when we went to those! and i had a great time today. mondays here are our "free days". we were hoping to go to a lake today, but it looks like that will hopefully be during another week. also coming up on the schedule: dracula's castle. i heard it was okay, but i'm excited to go. i want to see as much of romania as i can while i'm here. 

tonight we're going to go grocery shopping (yes i love grocery shopping. and yes i can spend literally three hours wandering a grocery store. so fun!!). after that, we'll head on out to dinner. just the six of us again. it will be nice. and it's always interesting trying to order our food when we don't speak romanian. as long as it's not pork, i will probably be fine with it. probably ;)

today was just what i needed after being so sick over the weekend. i'm looking forward to whatever else we are going to be doing this week (which i think will include a cleaning project on thursday!). i'm also looking forward to reading more. i finished a book yesterday (the fault in our stars.... IT WAS SO GOOD! go read it right now!). and now i started another book today. man, i stinking love reading so much. okay, bye for now!

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