Sunday, July 15, 2012

corso cafe & bistro

a few days ago, we went out to eat just as the six of us. it's always so nice when it's just us. it's great with the jejerans as well, but when it's just us six it feels even cozier. like we're one little family out here in romania.

the restaurant we ate at was phenomenal! the decor was super quirky and cute. the drinks were all fun and tasted delicious. and my stuffed pepper with rigatoni was the most amazing thing on earth. everyone loved the sauce on my plate and we all scraped it clean together (haha!) and we got their homemade ice cream for dessert. and that was gone too, in about five seconds. we can't wait to go back here before we leave (which, by the way, feels so soon! this trip is going by so quickly)

it was a wonderful day. and i am so happy i got to spend it with my friends. romania has been so kind to us. we love it here.

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