Wednesday, March 13, 2013

study break

my brain hurts. studying for the CPA exam sucks. the few things keeping me distracted sane include:
  + working out (which is going really well for me and my sister, i might add!).
  + watching tv, including: sons of guns, workaholics, say yes to the dress, the walking dead, and any of the apartment/house buying shows my mom has on (my tv show selection is so random! hah!).
  + trying to read books (currently reading requiem and attempting to finish the bell jar. almost done!). i have been missing reading so much lately, but i feel so guilty whenever i do read because i know i should be studying. it sucks!
  + fun run. go download it. you just need to.
  + blogging. not necessarily me posting, but reading other people's posts. it helps me so much to get my mind off of things. what would i do without you, blogging world?
  + free cheesecake cards to cheesecake factory.
  + trying out new recipes (even if i don't end up liking them).
  + making future plans. i'm dreaming of when i'll get to move out in a few months and decorate my own apartment! it's so exciting!
  + car rides with my special someone.
  + & snapchatting friends throughout the day.

and now that i've posted this, i'm back to studying. i know, you're jealous.

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