Thursday, March 14, 2013

last day of school. ever.

today is my last day of school. ever. (besides my one final next week). it's so strange to think that after so many years, this part of my life is coming to an end and pretty soon i'll be a full-time, business professional (hopefully have my CPA!) adult. i couldn't find any school pictures of me from when i was little, but those would have only been from pre-k because i was homeschooled from kindergarten through sixth grade. i'm really proud of myself and i'm happy that i stuck through school and completed my degree. i took my time in college (i went to school for 6 years), but i honestly had a hard time picking what i wanted to major in. it's such a hard decision and i envy those people who just know what they want a degree in or what they're good at and just go for it. but that wasn't me. i was okay at a lot more things than being amazing in one particular subject. i did always like math though, so after majoring in stats for a while i stuck with accounting instead. 

anyways, i'm really excited with where i'm at in life. i'm so thankful that i had the opportunity to go to school and now have the opportunity to work for a wonderful firm starting in july. i'm not sure what God will do with my degree in accounting, but i know that i just need to continue to be open to whatever it is that He has for me and for my life (professionally and personally). i'm so glad i did it! yay for college degrees!

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