Sunday, February 3, 2013

january recap

so i was thinking of doing a 365 project and was planning on taking a photo everyday. but once i started, i knew i was going to quickly get overwhelmed. but i finished out the month of january and am so proud i did! it definitely inspired me to try to take photos everyday, but now that i've finished the month i don't feel as pressured to have to post a photo everyday. but here are the photos of what i was doing for the month:

1/1. went on a hike at peter's canyon with natalie and siaira. great way to start out the new year!
1/2. went to salvation mountain with the girls.
1/3. wore my mouse rat t-shirt and loved it.
1/4. went on a hike with natalie and jess down in irvine.
1/5. went on a hike with natalie, siaira, and justine on the trail behind our house.
1/6. celebrated heather's 22nd birthday at house of blues anaheim.
1/7. ate a delicoius free burrito bowl from chipotle. i'm so glad i worked there!
1/8. started reading the bell jar.
1/9. picked and purchased our tickets for our washington trip!
1/10. first official day at school. wore my mouse rat t-shirt again.
1/11. first night at regenerate's college retreat.
1/12. grabbed a quick photo with friends i've known my entire life.
1/13. headed back down the mountain after the retreat.
1/14. went to the brea mall. had to take as many sandwich samples as i could grab.
1/15. school day.
1/16. kean coffee with jess. so good!
1/17. finally donated blood so the red cross can leave me alone finally
1/18. date night workout from Tone It Up.
1/19. celebrated melissa's 25th birthday in downtown fullerton.
1/20. lunch and church with cathee. had to go back to pieology.
1/21. went to downtown orange to watch parks and rec being filmed. best day ever!
1/22. attended my first work event. in my business attire and all. strange.
1/23. took a body pump class with jessica then went to her house and passed out on her floor.
1/24. woke up to rain. i looooove it!
1/25. it was still raining. so i wore socks under my TOMS. i'm being smart here you guys.
1/26. casey and i tried to distract natalie while she was doing her homework.
1/27. went to mario's with my aunt and sister after church. i think i eat about 5 lbs of chips + salsa everytime.
1/28. my typical breakfast. two homemade waffles + coffee.
1/29. wore my bangs down for one of the first times ever.
1/30. went to kean coffee with tricia. this time, we added a donut to the mix.
1/31. studied for my auditing class in the school's starbucks.

so that was my january. i'm so glad i took a photo a day! maybe i'll do it for another month this year :)

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