Monday, February 4, 2013


technically, this isn't a current picture since it was from december 31... but it's so cheesy and i had to include it! i'm wearing my favorite jacket (that was a gift from my parents and sister for christmas) and i'm holding my presents from siaira which included lawless and a toothpick. best christmas presents ever!

reading: i've been reading the bell jar for about a month now. i had started reading it's kind of a funny story but then my sister wanted to read it, so i switched over to the bell jar. it is a lot different from what i normally would choose to read. i'm about half-way done and am starting to get into it a lot more. i can understand how esther views so many things in life as material and vain. but, i'm pretty sure once i'm done reading this book i'm going to want to read some sort of YA fiction. have any suggestions?

anticipating/freaking out about: how i am almost done with my last quarter in school (i only have about six more weeks.... that's so weird!), how i purchased my becker review course and will officially be studying that all day everyday starting in february, and how i'll be starting my job at the end of july. i already went to a work event/seminar. it is so strange to think that i'll be a full-time auditor and in the business world! i know i'm 23 and it isn't too strange that i should be working full-time but honestly i always felt like this day would never come. do you know what i mean? like, i still feel like i'm a kid! haha. but anyways, i'm excited and extremely nervous and hopefully i pass two parts of my CPA exam before i go to work so i can freak out less.

planning: my upcoming trip to washington/vancouver with four of my girlfriends! i am so excited and so happy we are going! my sister, my friend jessica, and i will all be graduating from college this year so we wanted to celebrate by going to a place we all love! we've already purchased our tickets and are now attempting to agree on which hotels we'd like to stay at. we're planning on going on lots of hikes, eating crepes in seattle for as many meals as possible, and going zip-lining in victoria! i cannot wait!

watching: now that season two of ahs is over and i have to wait until fall to see evan again, i've been watching the bachelor (it's so terrible and so addicting! i can't help myself), workaholics (which my mom hates, but natalie and i looooove), parks and rec (LOVE!) and every episode of arrested development on netflix. where has this show been all my life? i pretty much cry every time i watch it because it is so funny. have you seen it? please go watch all the seasons if you have netflix!

loving: this clip from ahs. as my sister pointed out, she thinks that between myself, her, and siaira we've watched it about 3,000 times. and i'm pretty sure she's right. it's such an awesome scene and i am so glad that ryan murphy put it in the show. i wish i could have been an extra that day!

what have you been up to lately? have any book suggestions for me? i'd love to hear them!

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