Friday, January 18, 2013


this is from a month ago, but whatever. at least i'm sharing some of the photos! my grandma's brother passed away last month and we attended his funeral out in riverside. it was really unexpected when he passed and my grandma was pretty upset about it. just makes me realize how quickly life passes and how fast it goes by. it was really sweet seeing my grandma and all her sisters there together. it was also nice seeing my mom's side of the family since that doesn't happen ever. 

my grandpa, great-grandpa, and great-grandma are all buried at the funeral site. so we got to visit their graves while we were there. i had never been before, and it was really nice to be able to see what was written about them. and i absolutely love the photos i got of my family while there.

afterwards, we went to downtown riverside and walked around looking at the christmas lights. we were going to have dinner at a mexican restaurant there, but the wait was four hours. hah! so, we opted out of waiting. i did manage to grab some chips that we're sitting there waiting to be brought out to all of the tables... i know, that's bad but whatever i was hungry and natalie did it too. we also got the most amazing hot apple cider donuts. oh my gosh they were so good! i could eat them everyday!

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