Monday, January 28, 2013

things i did in december!

here is a recap of some of the things that i did in december... man, i'm really good at posting things in a timely matter. you must love that! oh well. sorry!! :)

*i put lights up in my room. which i have been meaning to do for forever. i was so happy when i set it all up! technically, they're seasonal lights and they were considered christmas items when i bought them at ikea. but they will be staying up all year long and they are still in my room. YES :)

*we went to souplantation many times in december. i blame siaira and her love for the souplantation salads. i refer to them as "mountains" instead of salads. because, let's be honest. the girl eats about ten pounds of lettuce & pasta at the beginning of her souplantation meals.

*we had a gift-wrapping event for the accounting club at my school that we all got to volunteer at. it was really fun and a few days later we got to hand out the presents to a couple of hundred families. i wish i could have told them all about jesus, but i wasn't in charge and it wasn't a faith-based event. but still, it was a wonderful few days!

*we went to the mall quite a few times and we made sure to park by the food court to get these sandwich samples. they're so addicting. we get one sample on the way in, and another sample on the way out. ignore my weird face in this photo. i was just too excited to eat the sample. maybe one day i'll actually buy a whole sandwich instead of just eating all the samples... maybe.

*siaira's family made us cookies + cake bites and i wore my favorite new dress a lot

*natalie, becca, siaira, and i had quite an adventure one evening. we drove around a few christmas-light-looking-neighborhoods and blasted luke bryan and other ridiculous songs while singing them at the top of our lungs. we also snuck into our old church's christmas party (at an old friend's house) without being noticed and used the restroom... we were successful at the sneaky part until natalie and becca ratted us out accidentally. but it was still really funny! (if anyone of the church people ever asks though, i'm denying that i ever was there. to my death)

*natalie, heather, cathee, jessica, and i had a lunch date at lazy dog cafe to plan out our upcoming trip to canada + washington! jessica made little signs that said "aye" on one side and "nay" on the other so we could vote on things. pinterest has done her well and has turned her into a crafty lady! good job jessica!

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