Wednesday, December 12, 2012

mumford and sons concert

one thing i do know that i shared on here was that natalie and i were going to go to a mumford and sons concert. and we did and it was wonderful and such a fun night with my sister. we went about a month ago (i never share on here anymore...oops). it was at the hollywood bowl. last time we had been there was with our mom when we saw she & him a few summers ago. concerts at the bowl are really fun and super laid back. all the seats are big long benches (at least that's how they are way in the back haha!). and you can bring in your own drinks (just not in glass bottles). our friend siaira ended up getting a ticket to the concert last minute so we carpooled up with her and her friend last minute. they tried to sit by us but a few songs in the security guards kicked them out of our section because the real seat owners came to claim their seats. oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

siaira told us that once she got booted from her seat, that she got so close to the stage that marcus mumford spit on her face while singing. now, she's probably lying, but she told a lot of people and they all believe her. so we'll believe her on this blog too ;). siaira you are sooo lucky! don't ever wash your face again!

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