Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i got a job

so back in october i started the job search, because in accounting at least they start looking for candidates really early on. so i went to my schools meet the firms event (it was actually kind of fun!) and i met and talked to a few recruiters then. then i started applying for positions (well, i had only applied for one so far. i was going to do the others later). and then i got selected for an on-campus interview. SCORE! and then they called me (while i was in the shower i might add) and they invited me for an in-house interview (cue me running around naked and pretending i wasn't just in the shower when they called. bahahaha good thing no one was home but me!). in-house interview went really well. everyone was really friendly and really nice. then about a week later.... they called me while i was taking an exam. and they asked me to call them back. and i was like IS THIS A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING I DONT KNOW!!! because it's an official grown-up job, so i didn't know if they would hire me over the phone or just tell me no over the phone. anyways, we played phone tag. then they got a hold of me finally. and i was in the library at school so i had to run out in order to talk at a decent level. and they were like blah blah blah..... you got the job! eeeeeee! then i peed my pants and everyone stared at me on the floor. okay that part didn't happen but still. i was close to peeing. so starting in july i'll be a full time "associate" aka auditor! i'm really happy and very excited. i'm also extremely nervous because like i said, it's a grown-up job. but i know i'm a hard worker and that i'll be able to pick up on everything i need to know. the company is Mayer Hoffman McCann. it's a firm in irvine. so now i just need to buy business clothes! this is crazy!

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