Monday, September 10, 2012

i cut my hair.

so a few days after i got home from romania i chopped all my hair off. i had been wanting to do it for months but decided i'd wait till after the summer.

right after the cut!
short hair!
and i've cut it again since then! so it's even shorter now. it feels so nice! i think i'll keep it this way for a while. natalie even cut off her hair too on her birthday! we're both donating it to locks of love. which i probably should do soon so i don't have to keep finding my braid in a bag in my top drawer. oh, you didn't want to know that? sorry... just forget i mentioned the braid ;)


  1. wow Chanel! I didn't realize how long your hair had gotten! It looks cute shoulder length. I bet it's easier too huh? I think you'd look really cute with bangs :)

    1. Thanks Chelsea! And who knows, maybe I'll get bangs again. I always end up doing that! Haha


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