Sunday, September 9, 2012


from our trip to hawaii last week
Reading: I have been meaning to start Unwholly since that just came out a few days ago, but I started reading Piercing the Darkness last week. So i have to finish that first because once i start a book i have to finish it before i can start on another. I love Frank Peretti's writing. He is absolutely one of my favorite writers. He does a really great job at writing about spiritual warfare. It's always a good reminder to me just how real that stuff is.

Listening to: iron & wine pandora.

Thinking about: how this will be my last year in college. I graduate this spring and I'll be all done with classes in march! That's insane.

Working on: trying to blog more. Natalie keeps encouraging me to write on here more often. I really should!

Watching: how I met your mother. It's so funny! I should have started watching it a long time ago when everyone was telling me how good it was. Oh well, at least I'm enjoying it now :)

Eating: I've been drinking black iced tea non stop lately! Which reminds me that I haven't had one today...

In my bible: I just finished Jeremiah and am about to start Lamentations. I get so excited when I finish a long book in the bible! Like its such a big accomplishment haha.

*all of my currently posts are inspired from danielle. Please go check out her blog!

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