Sunday, August 26, 2012

why blog?

nothing to do with the post. just a pretty photo of san clamente.
i've been thinking a lot about blogging and why i love it so much (even though, i don't post on here often enough). i absolutely love reading blogs and seeing little snippets of people's lives and i love reading other believer's blogs. it's always such an absolute encouragement getting to read what other women are learning from God and how He is working in their lives. it's just a cool glimpse to be able to read about God working in other people's everyday, even if i don't know them personally. which is why i want my blog to be a place of encouragement. i want it to be a place where i can be raw and real, but most importantly i want it to be a place where i am giving glory and credit to God. it's easy to get caught up in the blogging world. it's easy to get caught up in the mindset of, "well, what do people want to read?" or better yet, "what do people want to see? outfit photos? food photos? DIY photos?". and that's not what this life is about. God doesn't have me here just so i can post pictures of what i wear everyday. or what i ate for lunch. none of that really matters. none of that is what makes me me. i'm not trying to bash blogs that are like that (because i love reading them! really!). so this doesn't mean that i won't post pictures of what i did over the weekend or what i've been up to lately. i guess i'm just trying to figure out what God wants done with this blog. because i am accountable for myself and for my actions. i want to give Him full reign over every area of my life, including this space on the internet. even if no one ever really reads this, it doesn't matter. because God knows what i put on here. God knows what i share on here. i just want to live my life fully for Him and allow Him to be in charge. because honestly, it's much better when He's in control.

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