Tuesday, August 21, 2012

bye romania.

so this will be the last of my romania posts. or at least the last post that just shows what we did for our last few days there. i'm really happy that i had the opportunity to go there and serve over the summer, but i'm really glad to be home now. although, i do miss hungary a lot! but i'll share my hungary pictures another day :)

the most awesome book-store in cluj!

got to see this little boy one last time. he's the cutest.

girls + ellie

my sister

this was probably my 100th ice creem serving from this place. no joke. AMAZING.

becca and i with our matching scabs. she fell first (accidentally). i re-enacted it. the matching scab was not planned, however.

this dog looks just like our dog casey!

inside dracula's castle.

we pretended we were on the bachelor. they would go to some fancy town and walk around like this!

natalie, me, and becca

my hair is a giant fluff thing. and jeremy renner is beautiful (like always!).

becca and natty.
 we left romania at 1 a.m. and drove in a shuttle to budapest. i was sad to say goodbye to some of my friends from cluj, but i was super stoked to be going back to budapest. and i was not disappointed with my visit back there! :):) i love budapest!

bye romania, see you in heaven! you were very interesting! God did good things there this summer. and i'm happy that He used me to accomplish some of those things.

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