Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(romania) catch up.

hi there! i don't know why i haven't written anything for a few days. we haven't particularly been doing anything... so i don't have any real reasons why i didn't want to write. oh well. back to posting today i guess!

so last week we went back to billa. becca played her guitar and the cops then told her to stop. darn those cops. apparently, it's not illegal to play guitar on the streets here in romania. it's only illegal if you have an amp without a permit. so not sure why they stopped her. but that's okay, because a lady i talked to right before all of this (erika) got saved. so happy day :)

that night we headed out to the square. becca played worship for a long time and it was wonderful. it's so cool sitting there in public and being able to worship God like that. i absolutely love these photos! and i love the people in them. i'm seriously so encouraged by all of the girls. they love Jesus so much. 

i love hanging out at this square. essentially it's the downtown area of cluj. so there are always a lot of people out and about (except on sundays. it's deserted on sundays!). it's going to be one of the places i miss the most when we leave. oh and did i mention we leave romania in 2 days!!! then it's on to hungary! i am so excited!


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