Sunday, July 15, 2012

a spontaneous romanian adventure.

so we started out the day at the YWAM base. the plan was that they needed four of us to help them cook and prepare dinner. but after hanging out there for a little while and realizing that the team we were cooking for was running way behind schedule (they made a wrong turn in hungary... at least it's pretty there!!), they told us that we could leave. and maybe we got a little too excited with the idea that we were out alone and had a few hours to kill (and some extra lei in our pocket thanks to ryan!)

so off to the mall we went! we hung out in starbucks (elli got a donut! NOM!), we went and got gelato, found a full length mirror and took some photos in honor of jessica (she hates loves mirror photos ;). then we headed back to coleen and jeje's house (side note: they had no idea where we were. and they we're kind of freaking out. they might have started thinking that the taxi driver had kidnapped us... sorry coleen!!)

after an awesome time of prayer at the jejeran's, we went out to dinner. just the six of us again. it was delicious!! we had been once before, so we knew we were in for a treat. becca (being a stupid dumb) decided that she wanted to try liver (the photo evidence is below)

thank goodness we had crepes for dessert so becca could get rid of the liver flavor in her mouth!!

we wandered around for a bit afterwards. we found a bunch of divergent books in a store window and freaked out. i mean, we should've expected to see veronica roth's books here in romania, since i'm pretty sure she lived here for a little while (she gave a shout-out to cluj at the end of insurgent! and i was like, "ahhh i'm going there! we're twins!"). eventually, we took taxis home. the evening was wonderful minus the part where natalie and i accidentally left our dad's camera at the restaurant (and according to the waiter, he "did not find the camera immeadiately after we left".... i have my suspicions but what can i do? :( sorry dad)

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