Monday, July 16, 2012

a good day at ywam.

last friday, we spent the whole day at the ywam base. it was a gorgeous day and i loved spending time there. we got to watch some of the parent's children while the adults went to a conference, we got to make the entire ywam base plus our team lunch + dinner, and we got to rest and relax.

it was the nicest day. making lunch took almost two hours i think. and it was hard work. it was hot and the onions made me cry and it was perfect. perfect because i love serving others and getting a chance to do something for them. perfect because God gave me an opportunity to be more like him and to be more of a servant. it was one of those moments where i knew that i was exactly where i was supposed to be. exactly where God wanted me to be.

after dinner, we played lots of games with the ywam and hawaii teams (have you ever heard of the vegetable game or the animal game? they're hilarious!). i love sitting around the table and hearing everyone talk. it's a mix of so many different cultures! some people are from australia, others from america, others from spain, and others from romania. it's so wonderful thinking about and seeing how God brings all of us together. how we're all family even if we don't know each other very well. it's awesome just hanging out with people who love the Lord and want to serve Him and give Him everything. i left feeling so encouraged!

as if the night couldn't get any better, we decided to take a hike up a local hill in the neighborhood (even though it was starting to rain a little bit). we wanted to get a chance to look over the city and watch the thunder and lightning. it was cold. it was a super steep climb. and it was awesome!! one of the guys played some angus & julia stone on his ipod while we watched the sky light up. i had the best time. it was probably the best day i've had so far on the trip. and i'm looking forward to the next time we can take a hike up the hill and watch the stars again.

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