Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Reading: lately i have been reading clockwork angel by cassandra clare. i kind of took a week off from reading it, since we've been pretty busy over here. but since i have a free day today i'm really looking forward to digging back in to it! last time i talked to natalie about the book and told her what part i was at she gasped. so, now i need to know what's going to happen. oh and the book is about angels and demons. but, it's different than frank peretti's books. but so far so good! 

Watching: nothing. and it has been so nice! BUT i am looking forward to seeing the dark knight rises. hopefully we can do that on friday! 

Thinking about: honestly, i have so much on my mind right now. i've been thinking about a lot of things over the past few days (and even the few weeks that we've been here in romania). my mind feels like it's on overload. and i definitely have the headaches to prove it. but God is good. and i know that no matter what is plaguing my mind i can give it all to Him. like it says in matthew 11:29: "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." rest sounds absolutely wonderful right now. i'll have to elaborate later, but this verse is so comforting to me right now!

Working on: trying not to gossip anymore. i can look back and see how much damage and hurt it has caused in my life and in others. of course, it's easy to just jump in with everyone else when you're mad or upset or whatever. but, i know that that's not what Christ wants. and when i engage in gossip, i'm not glorifying Him. 

Anticipating:  going to budapest next week! i think i might have mentioned before that i love budapest and i miss it there and all of my friends. so, i am so happy and so excited that next week i finally get to go back there. eeeee!

Listening to: whitnee is typing away blogging. and she has a worship station on. one thing that has been great about living with all of the girls is getting to hear the music that they love (minus the country music...)

Eating: of course i'm still eating nutella. what else is new? haha!

Feeling thankful for: my dad and my mom. i miss them and i'm looking forward to seeing them in a little over a week! i'm really thankful that they are always so excited to see me when we skype. that they are always e-mailing me and reminding me that they are praying for us and for the work that is being done in cluj. and i'm thankful that my dad is always so straight-forward with me. he's honest and goes directly to God's word when he gives advice. it is such an encouragement and i am so thankful for him. 

what have you been up to lately? read any good bible verses later that you want to share? i'd love to read them!

*all of my currently posts are inspired from danielle.


  1. i appreciate your honesty chanel...i too am working on being aware of gossip (especially not listening to it because then i pass it ugly)
    Thank you for your continuous encouragement to me about 'the blog' dun dun dun...hahah! I get very easily tempted to just delete it and say 'who cares' but then you or a special friend in thailand sends me a word of encouragement and so i continue (I want to do it for one else...but He knows what I need now to know?) Anyways, I've been thinking a lot on Psalm 103 & James 4:6-10. I need to remember His forgiveness so I am continually ready to forgive AND I need humility...oh how I need humility!! Say hey to Natalie and Miss Whit :) Miss you all muy mucho

    1. yes i definitely know what you mean! oh! and those verses were perfect for me yesterday. so thank you for sharing! nat and whit say hi and "awww we miss chelsea" :)


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