Sunday, December 4, 2011

trying to study

this is what i am doing right now. trying to study with whitnee and coni. not much is getting done though. especially since this thong man keeps walking by us. it's a guy who literally is in bright blue spandex and a pink thong that keeps walking through panera. i think he enjoyed our company too because he kept choosing to sit right next to us. it was probs cuz coni kept giggling. she is so cute! oh coni! you're so silly! but anyways, thong man was completely inaprope. what's also inaprope is coni tagging trevor as the thong man. but that's mostly just funny. hahaha. anyways, i guess i will go back to studying. i am meeting with tricia and mary tonight! i'm so exci! i love them and miss them!

whitneee studying
me studying?

someone is laughing about the guy

way to go coni!

coni died laughing. true story.

 we're so serious?


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