Sunday, December 11, 2011

aunt janine's birthday

nina and i and a friend's wedding
it was my aunt janine's birthday this past week. i love her so stinking much. you have no idea. she's more like a friend/sister to me than an aunt. i am so thankful for her! it was her 32nd birthday ;) maybe... all she wanted to do for her big day was hang out with my family and two other families. and i am in love with these families. they feel like part of my family, not just family friends. i laugh so hard at everything whenever we all get together. oh gosh, it is just so great! i love it! all of our families became friends before any of us kids were born. they all met at our old church, calvary chapel pacific coast. God blessed my parents with awesome friends! and i am so happy that i have gotten to know them over the years as i've grown up. here are some pictures from the birthday night:

 my dad's camera takes really great blurry/light crazy pictures, huh?
 7th grade dance re-enactment by brenen and melanie

 they are so crazy most of the time!
 aunt janine with all her "nieces and nephews"
 evelyne, judi, nina, and my mom annette
 all the adults!
 really... who told them to make these signs? haha hilarious!

 of course we would break out into a dance party

 all of the girls :)
 me, natalie, morgan, stephanie, and melanie
 dalton always looks like this. i promise.

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