Saturday, May 4, 2013

toning it up and feeling good

my sister and i decided to really start eating better and working out on a consistent basis about two weeks ago. i know that doesn't seem like that long ago (it really isn't) but it's definitely made a huge difference in our lives. nat has already lost a good amount of weight since starting to work out a month ago, and i've already seen changes in myself too. it's fantastic. and i'm so proud and happy that my sister decided to do this on her own. i didn't have to force her or ask her. she just did it. which is so rad! if you're interested, we follow Karena & Katrina and try to live the Tone It Up lifestyle. i've had their nutrition plan for a few years now, but am just not really giving it my all. and i can already tell that it is so worth it.

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  1. Definitely needing to jump on this bandwagon, especially with a change in season, it can be hard to not eat all the comfort food. Good luck girly, I'm right there with you!
    xo TJ


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