Tuesday, March 26, 2013

book review(s): reached and requiem

spoiler alert: i'm going to talk about the ending to the matched series and the delirium series. so if you haven't read either of these yet or don't want to know the endings then don't read the rest of this post.

i absolutely love reading books. it's something i always look forward to and something i really enjoy doing whenever i have a free moment. getting lost in the world of whatever book i'm reading and imagining what the characters are feeling or going through is something i really cherish. over the past few months, two books have come out with the last book of their series. and i was really looking forward to reading them and getting to know the conclusion to each of the books. but, that never came.

first, when i read reached, the book ended so horribly. it was completely open-ended and i was pretty mad. the author didn't even say what really happened to the society. she wanted the readers to imagine what would happen to the world on their own. and excuse me, sometimes that is fine for a book to end that way, but not in this kind of book. i wasn't extremely invested in the characters, so i let the ending slide. i thought the author was a dumb idiot for leaving it so open but whatever. i moved on.

the next book i read, requiem, was one that i was really looking forward to. it's my sister's absolute favorite series (or i should say was) so i was looking forward to reading it and discussing it with her. boy, do we have  a lot to discuss. actually, no, not a lot to discuss. just a lot of things to get angry about. could you imagine if you had a favorite series and you had invested your time in learning about the characters and seeing them develop and how they're relationships develop with the other characters and then be left in the middle of everything with no explanations or closure? like right at the climax the book just stops? yeah, that's exactly what happened in this book. to say i was ticked off is an understatement.

anyways. ally condie and lauren oliver, i'm really disappointed in you both and i feel like you let your readers down big time. we buy your books to get lost in your world. we don't want to figure out the ending on our own. that's why we pay to read your story. it's really a big cop-out, in my opinion, to leave the reader with no answers whatsoever. and it made me feel like i had just watched lost again. i was left with so many unanswered questions and had no idea what really was going on. it was almost a waste of my time.

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