Thursday, February 7, 2013

quick bear trip

at the end of december, i went up to big bear for a night to see my friend liz (who was visiting from dental school in michigan!). i stayed with my friend mark and his family at their cabin. i've known liz and mark since high school, so it was nice getting together with the both of them.
mark and i went on a hike with his two dogs for an hour or so. then we got coffee and donuts in town (yum!) and headed back to the cabin to watch movies. it snowed a few times while i was there. i love when it snows! [i've only been snowed in once when i was younger. it would have been a much fonder memory of mine if i didn't have to race down the mountain the next morning to take a final haha. but it's still a funny memory.]
we hung out with liz that night. it was great. i don't see her often enough so i'm so glad i got to spend time with her over christmas break! the next morning i headed down the mountain alone. thank God i made it down safely! i can't wait until my next trip up to bear!


  1. it's great you got to spend time with friends. the scenery looks beautiful.


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