Monday, July 23, 2012

baseball camp: days 1 & 2

last week we held a baseball camp with ywam for kids and teenagers. it was such a fun time! like ryan kept saying, we all we're so blessed by all of the kids. and it was sweet teaching them how to play baseball! my group was the 7-9 year olds (just throwing it out there that it was the best group! ;). they don't have baseball here in romania, so they were so confused at first! but eventually they picked up all the rules and ways to play.

maria and vanna
ryan and clarie


i miss all of the kids already. especially emma, maria, and vanna. they were so precious. have i mentioned how thankful i am to be on this trip? God is so sweet to me. i'm so happy that He allowed me to be a part of the baseball camp. and the kids made me feel so good! even though i'm horrible at sports, they all wanted me on their teams. they're were so cute!


maria, me, and emma
i'm really hoping that some of the kids come out for baseball this saturday! i really want to see them again before i come home. 

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