Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Reading: Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Divergent is one of my favorite books and i have been waiting for Insurgent to come out. i'm only in chapter 4, but so far so good :) plus, four is there. possibly my favorite book boyfriend ever. yeah, he probably is.

Watching: well, last night i watched some of How I met Your Mother with natalie. j-just would be proud of me, since she's been telling me to watch the show for a long time now. and i was not disappointed! it's pretty funny!! natalie was dying laughing every five seconds. 

Thinking about: this book, forgotten god by Francis Chan. i just finished reading crazy love by Chan a few weeks ago. i downloaded all the books for free on Easter and am so happy that i did! Chan really wants you to dig deeper into God's word and wants you to really understand what you believe and why you believe it. this book is all about the Holy Spirit. and so far i have been loving reading it! the fact that the God of the universe dwells in me is insane. and i've thought about this stuff before, but going through this book in particular has really helped me to understand even more how much of a crazy idea this really is! but it's so true! and i'm so thankful that God does dwell in me and that His Spirit resides in me.

Loving: lot's of things. #1: beach babe dvd. i love karena and katrina! they're really inspiring and funny. and i really have been enjoying working out with them through their dvds. seriously, go buy a copy! #2: blogging!! i know i haven't been blogging much, but it really makes me happy reading other people's blogs. makes me feel like i'm a part of their lives in some small way. weird? i don't think so!

Anticipating:  how i leave for romania in exactly 7 weeks. and that i will be there for 7 weeks. and 7 weeks seems like such a short amount of time (as in, i can't believe i'm leaving so soon!!!), but then it seems like such a long time (as in, i can't believe i am staying in another country for 7 weeks!!). i'm excited. but mostly really nervous. but, me being nervous or worried is because i'm simply focusing on myself. focusing on my needs and my wants and my insecurities. and not focusing on what God has planned or what He wants to do with the 7 weeks. so, i'm trying to be a little less worried or anxious :) but still, 7 weeks!!!!

Listening to: this song has been stuck in my head lately. i first heard about sucre through elsie's blog because her husband is a part of the band (and he is an amazing musician!). and the lead singer, stacy, was originally in the band eisley. i knew she looked familiar! i've also been listening to the mars volta a lot recently. talk about bringing back memories! hmmmm

Eating: peanut butter. lot's of peanut butter. peanut butter and cheez-its. it's so bad for you. but it's so good at the same time. so i try to limit myself to just a few pieces a day. it reminds me of going to my grandma's house when i was little. she always had these orange crackers that had peanut butter in between the crackers. yummy!

Feeling thankful for: a lot of the little things. lately, i've been really thankful for my health and the fact that i don't have any health issues. it's something that i easily take for granted everyday. the fact that i don't have any allergies or sensitivities. it truly is a blessing that i easily forget about.

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