Wednesday, March 14, 2012

i have a final in 12 hours

accounting is going to kill me. it seriously drains the life out of me. but i love it at the same time! i'm crazy?

and finals are making me feel like this... okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but whatever haha

in happier news... the hunger games come out in 8 days. holy moly!!! nat and i have loved these books for 4 years now. so i'm super stoked to see it as a movie! and i am just warning you that i will give everything away if you are in my theater. and i might yell at you if you are team gale (is that a joke? seriously). and don't be alarmed when natalie and i cry and scream like little babies (we do tend to do that when it comes to books that we love). i'm excited!!

i'll leave you with a picture you can admire until the movie comes out:

oh peeta hutcherson! you are too much!! bahaha

and ps. i'm freaking out about romania. 7 weeks? that's long!!

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