Sunday, December 11, 2011

progressive dinner 2011

friday night was the progressive dinner! i'm a youth leader at my church for some of the high school girls. it's awesome! i love hanging out with them and getting the chance to encourage them in their walks! it's great :) so friday night all of the high schoolers got together and dressed super nice. we ate dinner at one house, dessert at another, and then saw a movie (i absolutely did not like the arthur christmas movie! it was sooo bad!). it was such a great night! i'm looking forward to next years!

 love this girl!!
 and this one!!

taylor and i!

ps. ariana, if you read this.... i'm sorry you couldn't go! LOL! but evan was rocking his pink pants and bow tie! haha!

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  1. bahahahah first time I ever read ur blog cause I could never find it. man missed yah guys.


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